Elena Catherine Alba


I was supposed to arrive on March 10th, but I was so warm and cozy in my mommy’s belly, I decided to stay a couple of days longer. My mommy started experiencing labor pains the day after I was due and she went into labor early the next morning. After a few pushes, out I came into my new world. I was so happy to see my parents that I didn’t cry, at least not until the doctors decided to poke me, weigh me and measure me. Everyone says I look like my daddy and that he had just as much hair at birth as I did. I think I’m beautiful like my mommy.


March 12, 2009 8:21 AM


8 pounds 3 ounces


19.5 inches


Hollywood, California

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Elena Catherine Alba

A Happy Baby

Here I am just after coming

into the world. It was exhausting.

My First Halloween

October 31, 2009

Bath Time

September 4, 2009

3 Months Old

June 16, 2009